Knitter's Tool Kit

Tools of the trade.  Eventually, you will amass an arsenal of tools and accessories.  These are a few of my favorites.

Needles:  I prefer circular needles for all my projects.  Interchangeable needle kits insure you will have every needle size you'll probably ever need.

 Boye Needlemaster.  Every size you will ever need.  The set is affordable and will carry you through most of your beginning knitting adventures.  Aluminum needle tips.

 Knitter's Pride DREAMZ.  Beautiful wooden needles with sharp point in every size you will ever need.  The set is affordable and will satisfy those that prefer the lighter, warmer feel of wood needles. The finish is slick yet will perform well with a variety of fibers.

Must have accessories: really indispensable gadgets to make your knitting life a lot easier.

Clover Locking Stich Markers.  These are probably some of my favorite markers because they lock and unlock for easy removal and slipping.  You cannot have too many of these.

Folding safety scissors.  Excellent product. Blades very sharp and ready to cut. Ingenious folding design makes them nice and compact for putting in your knitting bag.

Knitting needle gauge.  Very useful tool because, even if you are extremely organized with your knitting needles, not all of them come stamped with their size and over time, it is almost certain you will be needing a needle gauge.

Tape measure.  Another must have.  Knitting involves counting and measuring - often.

Tapestry needles.  You will invariably end up with dozens of tapestry needles.  My favorites are the aluminum ones with the bent tip.

Row counter.  A convenient way to track the number of knitted stitches and rows.

Knitting Bags:  a place to keep it all together.

Organizer storage bags.  Keep small accessories organized.

Creative Options Total Tote. It comes with three zippered compartments that will hold one large and/or two small projects with extra balls of yarn. This bag has many pockets, some with zippers some without. One compartment you can actually pop right out, for more room if needed. The quality of this bag is just okay but the functionality of it supersedes this. This bag goes where you go and it carries EVERYTHING you need including patterns and magazines.