Sunday, July 3, 2011

Color Choices For Hand Knits

There are a of variables that contribute to choosing what colors to knit with.  Your personal preferences, the intended recipients preferences, culture, tradition, what the item you're making will be used for.  So, really, there is no magic formula to the perfect color choice ... you get to make up the rules!  But, if you want a few suggestions as a starting off point.... 

Colors may convey a special meaning.  For those who want to knit an item that expresses solidarity with a specific cause, here are some colors associated with special groups.

Pink - Breast Cancer
Red  - Heart Disease, DUI Awareness (MADD), HIV/AIDS
Grey - Diabetes
Yellow - Testicular Cancer, Deployed Soldiers, Liver Cancer & Liver Disease, Bladder Cancer
Blue - Drunk Driving, Epstein-Barr
Purple - Alzheimer's Disease, Animal Abuse, Cancer Survivor, Children with Disabilities, Crohn's Disease, Cystic Fibrosis
Orange - Hunger Awareness, Leukemia, Lupus
Silver - Abuse of the Elderly
Teal - Ovarian Cancer, Sexual Violence, Spaying & Neutering Pets, Substance Abuse
White - Peace, Bone Disease & Bone Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis
Black - POW-MIA, Anti-Gang

Colors are also associated with specific emotions.  

Pink - this color generally represents sweetness and sensitivity, and is seen as indicative of health and vibrancy. It stands for faith and fidelity, and is a good color to demonstrate steadfast friendship.

Red - a passionate and energetic color, this color has long symbolizing energy, power and courage, and can give the wearer strength and fortitude. It also signifies romantic love.

Purple - dignified, mysterious and sophisticated, this color has long been associated with royalty and magic. It inspires awareness and sensitivity, and taps into the unconscious.

Lavender - This refined and delicate shade stands for sensual femininity. It has a genteel presence, and suggests elegance and grace.

Mauve - This noble color projects a high regard for style. Simultaneously subdued and rich, this color projects both a regal and exclusive air.

Blue - this color is associated with stability and steadfastness and often represents tranquility. It is cool and peaceful and can have calming influences.

Green - the universal color of nature, green represents growth, fertility, and health. It is also youthful and fresh, and can symbolize luck.

Yellow - calling to mind sunshine, this color is optimistic, cheerful and full of vitality. It is the most luminous color of the spectrum and is naturally eye-catching.

Orange - this color has psychological connections to excitement, warmth and energy. The color of flames and the sun, orange has inspiring and provocative qualities.

Brown - Earthy, rich and warm, this color represents comfort and durability.

White - clean, crisp and pure, this color symbolizes newness, innocence and purity. It is often used in religious ceremonies.

Grey - this color is cool and balanced, with crisp and sophisticated connotations. While lighter shades are conservative and formal, darker shades convey a sense of depth and mystery.